Show Results 2017

March 24, 2017 Wasatch Rated Show

Great way to start the first day of Wasatch Rated show. So proud of the way Stephanie Pesek and Kim Amico rode.

Kim and Drezden got a 2nd in her jumper class. This was her first show out for Kimberly in a couple of years.

Stephanie and Vixen  got 4th Place. This is her first ever 3ft medal!

Sarah and WT Bounce got 1st in the 3'3 and a 2nd Place.

Sarah and Rapscallion got 3rd in the 1m10 and 2nd in 1m15

Sarah and Vixen got 5th in the 80's and 6th in the 90's

March 25, 2017 Wasatch Rated Show

Great day today at the Wasatch show.

Kim Amico and Drezden got a 3rd in her jumper class.

Stephanie Pesek and Vixen got a 4th and 5th Place in 3ft Hunters

Sarah and Wt bounce won the 1m and 1m10

Sarah and Rapscallion were 2nd in 1m10 and also 2nd in the 1m20.

Sarah and Vixen got a 5th in her jumper round.

So proud of how Kim and Stephanie rode today - looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

March 27, 2017 Wasatch Rated Show

Great finish to the Wasatch show.

Stephanie Pesek and Vixen placed 4th, 6th and 7th in the Adult Hunter Classic 3ft.

Kim Amico and Drezden placed 3rd in their Jumper class and 5th in the 80 Jumper Classic.

I'm so proud of how you both rode

So happy with how my horses finished up at the Wasatch horse show.

Sarah and Rapscallion won the 1m10 Classic and also Division Champion tied with Bounce in the 1m10.

Sarah and WT Bounce got 2nd in the 1m Classic and 3rd in the 1m10 Classic.

Sarah and Bounce got Champion in the 1m Jumpers and Champion in the 1m10s.

Sarah and Vixen placed 4th in the 80 jumper classic. 

Stephanie Pesek and Vixen got 4th in her 3ft Medal and 7th in their Hunter Classic.

Kim Amico and Drezden ended up 3rd over all in their division and placed 5th in the .80 classic.

We're Looking forward to heading to Wasatch and showing again. Thank you so much Holly Keefer Dwyer. I appreciate the way you run your shows and all your help at the show. We had fun and it was really nice to meet such great trainers and people at this show.

May 20th 2017 - SNHJA

​So proud of how Kim Amico and Eddie went at the SNHJA horse show. It was their first time showing with only a month of riding together. This was Eddie's 2nd show he had ever competed in!

 They got Reserve Champion in the 2'3 Hunters placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Sarah and WT Bounce got Champion in the 3'3 winning both classes.

Sarah and Kilkenny Ecco got Reserve Champion placing 2nd and 4th.

Sarah and Kilkenny Ecco placed 3rd in one round in the open 3'6 

Thank you Michele Anderson for all your help with the horses today.

May 21st 2017 - SNHJA

Sarah and Kilkenny Ecco and I are on our way to winning the Micro prix.

Sarah and Rapscallion jumped clear and placed 4th

Sarah and WT Bounce placed 5th.

So happy with how my horses jumped today. Thank you for everyone who helped me. Julie Jay for taking amazing Photos. Stephanie Pesek, Kim Amico and Julie Brinkman for all your help with my horses. It took a amazing team to make this happen. Thank you all.

June 3rd 2017

Michele and Drezden placed 1st and 5th at the dressage show.

November 22nd 2017 SNHJA

Sarah and Kilkenny Ecco went awesome placed 4th in the 1m10 and rode really well in the 1m15 just having knocked one rail down. 

Super proud of how Stephanie Pesek and Vixen went today - they placed 4th and 5th in their 3ft Hunter classes. It's the second time they've competed in the 3 ft since they have been out together and only 3rd show for Vixen.

Great finish to the show! Stephanie Pesek and Vixen had two great rounds and placed 4th and 5th in their 3ft Hunters. Super proud of these two for all their hard work. It sure paid off for this show. Congratulations Stephanie

December 2017

Congratulations to Michele Anderson and Drezden for placing 5th in the year end overall in their Dressage division