Show Results 2019


 Show Results 2019

June 13-17, 2019 Wasatch Rated Show

Fun day at the show! Emilion and Kimberly placed 2nd

Atrageous bling and Jessica placed 4th ave 5th 

Ecco and I placed 1st and 3rd.

Friday at the show Emilion and Kimberly won there 1m class 

Kilkenny Ecco and I got 2nd in the 1m15 with a nice double clear.

We had a great Saturday - final day of the show. 

Emilion and Kim Amico got 2nd and 3rd in both there jumper classics - great for there first time out showing together.

Emilion and Kim were Champion in the 1m jumper - Atrageous Bling and Jessica Fitzgerald had two great rounds placing 5th in both there jumper classics.

Kilkenny Ecco and I won the Mini Prix and we’re Champion in the 1m15. Super proud of everyone - great show looking forward to the next one!

September 13-5th, 2019 Wasatch Rated Show
Cyndi with Eddie she had good rides on him. Crunch time in the .80 he placed 4th and 5th.
Kimberly Emilion he did well placing 4th in .90 and 3rd in the 1m.
Alaska de cholving and I we won a class and placed 3rd in the 1m.
Last to Go was Kilkenny Ecco and I we placed 2nd in the 1m15 and 2nd in the 1m25.

Awesome day two of the show - Cyndi and Crusader had a great ride placing 5th in there class. Crunch time and I placed 4th in the .90 and 2nd in the 3’3.
Kimberly and Emilion places 1st in the .90 and 2nd in the 1 meter.
Alaska and I won both his classes in the 1 meter and the 1m10.
Kilkenny Ecco and I placed 1st in 1m15 and 2nd in the 1m30 - great day great riding looking forward to tomorrow

Fantastic last day of the show - Cyndi and Crusader they had a lovely clean round placing 2nd. They then had the .80 classic where they placed. Next up was Kimberly and Emilion they had a great round in there .90 classic placing 3rd and also placed 7th in there 1m class.
Crunch time and I placed 2nd in the .90 classic and 2nd in the 1m classic.

Alaska de cholving and I won the 1m classic and placed 3rd in the mini Prix. Kilkenny Ecco and I placed 2nd in the mini Prix. 

Emilion and Kim Amico were Champion in the .90 division 

Alaska and I Reserve Champion. Alaska de cholving was champion in the 1m division and champion in the 1m10 division. 

Super proud of how everyone rode. Looking forward to the next show.

October 23-27th, 2019 Lets show Halloween Show

Let’s show Halloween show - Wednesday
Christina karas and Rosita got two 5th in the .70 and .75
Cyndi got 7th on crusader in the .80 and
6th on Crunch Time in .90
Kim and Emilion got 1st in the .95
Alaska and I got 3rd 1m05 jumpers
Ecco and I placed 4th in the 1m15 and 8th in the 1m25.

Let’s show Halloween show - Thursday
Christina and Rosita placed 2nd in the .70 jumpers and 6th in the .75 jumpers
Cyndi and Crusader 3rd in the .80
Cyndi and Crunch Time placed 5th in the .90 jumpers
Kimberly and Emilion placed 4th in the .95 and 8th in the 3’3 jumpers
Alaska de cholving and I placed 4th in the 1m10 and 4th in the 1m15
Kilkenny Ecco and I placed 2nd in the 1m25 and 9th in the big bubba Grand Prix

Let’s show Halloween show - Friday
Christina and Rosita placed 5th in there .70
Cyndi had great rounds on Crunch time and placed 6th on Crusader in the .80
Kimberly and Emilion places 7th in there 1m05 class
Alaska de cholving and I placed 2nd in the 1m05 and 4th in the 1m10 jumpers
Kilkenny Ecco and I placed 1st in the 1m25 and got Champion in the 1m25 jumpers.

Let’s show Halloween show - Saturday
Rosita and christina got 4th in both there classes today
Crusader won his class and got Reserve Champion for the .80
Emilion and Kimberly got 6th in there 1m05 classic and 2nd in there .95 classic
Alaska de cholving placed 2nd in 1m05 class.

Let’s show Halloween show - Sunday
everyone rode well to finish up Our week.
Rosita was 5th in her jumper classic.

Our highlights of the show were Kilkenny Ecco Champion in the 1m25 and 9th in the big bubba Grand Prix.
Alaska de cholving 2nd in both his classics
Emilion 2nd in his classic and 6th in his other classic
Crusader - Winning his classic and Reserve Champion for the .80 division
Rosita 5th in her classic.
Thank you ladies for all your help this week with the horses - super fun show!

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