Show Results 2018

 June 25, 2018 Wasatch Rated Show 

Great first day at the show everyone rocked it.

Kim and Crusader placed 2 x 2nd in 2’6 baby greens, 

2 x 1st in 2’6 USHJA hunters. 

Brandi and Secretarial Breeze placed 3rd, 4th in 2’6 the baby greens. 

In her USHJA low adult hunters 2’6 she had 2x 5th and 2 x 6ths.

Stephanie and Vixen were our final ones out placing 3rd and 2x 5th in the 3ft hunters. 

Super proud of how everyone rode. Looking forward to tomorrow.

June 26, 2018 Wasatch Rated Show 

Super proud of everyone another great day.

Kim and Crusader got Champion in the USHJA winning 2 firsts and 2 seconds.

Brandi and Breeze got 2 x 1st in the USHJA 2’6 hunter. 

They also placed 3rd and 4th. 

Stephanie did the 3 ft hunter two 3rds in her classes.

Friday was a good day for us.

Brandi had a great round with Breeze placing 5th in her .75. 

Kim and Crusader went double clear and placed 2nd in their .80s. 

Jessica and Cantuna had two great rounds in the low children’s 3’3 placing 2nd and 3rd. 

Kilkenny Ecco and I placed 1st in the 1m10 and 2nd in the 1m15. 

Emilion and I just had one class placed 2nd in the 1m10.

Saturday was our final show day and we all had an amazing day of showing. So proud of everyone! 

Brandi and Breeze has a lovely double clear and placed 3rd in the .75 they did the .80 classic where they placed 8th. 

Kim and Crusader did great rounds and placed 5th in the .80 and 5th in the .80 classic.


Jessica and Cantuna got champion in the low children’s 3’3. They had a lovely double clear round in the low children’s 3’3 placing 2nd in the classic. 

Jessica also moved up to the 1m10 and had a good ride. 

Kilkenny Ecco and I won the classic, 7th in the mini prix and also got champion in the 1m10 and 1m15. 

Emilion got 3rd in the classic and 6th in the mini prix.

September 20, 2018, Wasatch Rated Show 

Super fun horse show at Wasatch.Everyone had fun and rode awesome.

Jessica and Cantuna D’Enter - won the 1m jumper classic, 6th in the 1m10 Mini-Prix 

They were also Champion in the children’s jumpers 1m10 winning their classes. 

Jessica and Tuna had a fun time in the derby.

Rosita and I won the .80 classic and 3rd in the .90 we also won a class in the .80 and .90.

Kilkenny Ecco and I were Champion in the 1m10 and Reserve Champion in the 1m15 placing 1sts and one second and 4th in the Mini-Prix

Artrageous Bling was Champion in the 2’3 hunters with winning 3 classes and 2nd in his other two. 

He also won 2’6 hunters and two 4ths and a 5th in the jumper ring along with placing 6th in his .80 jumper classic. 

Cyndi and Crusader had an amazing show out. It was the first time for Cyndi to show in a number of years. They placed 5th 7th and 8th. 

So proud of how everyone rode! Looking forward to the next show.