Trainer sarah Veilleux


I was born in Auckland New Zealand - we moved to Whangarei, New Zealand when I was about 5. We lived in the country on a Dairy Farm where we eventually had 1,200 acres. It was great for training horses as we had lots of hills along with some lovely flat lands to do speed work on.

​I first started riding at the age of 2 yrs old - my mother Laurel was a horse rider - she mainly did Eventing, Show Jumping and Rode Race Horses. I had my first A.M.P show at 2 yrs old on a older, very quiet pony called "Cushla". Since then I have experienced most disciplines in riding.

​My Parents have now moved to Melbourne Australia. We are Importing competition Horse's from Both NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA. 

"Southern Secret" won the SNHJA Micro Prix in 2006

"So Good" Won the SNHJA Micro Prix 2007
So Good and I competed our first GRAND PRIX together at the Scottsdale Spring Classic March 31st, 2007. It was my first Grand Prix in 7yrs - we placed 10th.

​What I have done:
Hunter/Jumpers , Dressage, A.M.P Shows, Eventing, Showing in hand Arabs, Barrel Racing, Beach Racing, Rodeo Queen and Princess, Camp Drafting  and I have Ridden Race Horses

I also have done a advanced equine course and the Pony Club B certificate.

​I have ridden a number of horses a day in which some were experienced some were very green and some we had just broken in. I also have worked with a number of horses with problems from bucking to rearing, spooking, jumping sideways etc - most of the time we can fix them.At the age of 14 I decided to mainly do just A.m.p Shows and also show jumping.

​Below are what I have done where and when.

​On my ponies 
​"Black Opal", "Cola" and "Lark Raffi" - I had Champion and supreme champion on the flat - Champion round the ring - Champion hunters - Champion rider and also in hand supreme champion and also champion. Ridden in the North Island Showjumping Championships on "Cola." Ridden "Black Opal" in Dressage competitions usually winning most of the classes and getting high points

​On "​Hukerenui" - Champion Heavy hunter on the Flat 
Champion Hunter

"​Hukerenui" also had many wins and placings in Showjumping up to 1m30.
"​Hukerenui" has done lots of dressage competition and also been eventing with me

​On "The Colonel", "Etoile," "La Vida," "Catherino's Pride" = They have had many wins and placings at all levels in the Show jumping - "Catherinos Pride" also did Grand Prix Level with me.

--6/15/96 - got my Pony Club B Certificate
--1997 Advanced equine course
--Won and placed in Barrel Racing - also invited to ride at the Avocado Festival in barrel racing
--​In Eventing I have done A1/DC and also Novice horse trails. Usually in top 5 placings
​--Showing - A.M.P Shows - Champion Rider of the show
--Supreme Champion and Champion on the flat
--Champion round the ring - Hunters
--Supreme Champion ridden Arabs
--Supreme Champion in hand
--I have also had horse and rider high points of the show and many Reserve Champions
--I was the Whangarei Rodeo Princess 2 yrs running and the Rodeo Queen in 1999
--​I have represented Whangarei at the North Island show jumping championships 
--Twice on "Cola" (Pony)                         

  "Crystal rain"

   "The Colonel"
  "La Vida"

 "Catherinos Pride" in which we were the overall winners and won the whole competition

--With my hacks I have competed in Grand prix and had many wins in placings up to the Grand prix level. I have also won many Championship classes.

--I have also worked for two top riders - Carol Going one of NZ’s top Dressage judge and also my dressage instructor.
Joanne Shepard one of Nz’s top eventing Riders.

​I gave up riding for a few years when I first moved to Las Vegas. I started riding again in August of 2005 Since then I have been Champion in the training jumpers at 1m15 at showpark fall festival A rated October 13-16 2005 on "So Good"

​Champion in the A rated show in Las Vegas Nov 4 -6 2005 Champion in the modified jr/am jumpers On so good. Also 3rd in modified jumper classic on "So Good."

​This year 2006 "So Good" won the training jumpers overall for the year she has had many wins and placings at the local SNHJA shows. "So Good" has also had high points over all at local facet 58 shows. Winning 5 out of her 6 classes.

"​Southern Secret" also had  wins and placings at the SNHJA including 1st in the Micro Prix